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Cristina Danescu  the WWW design

Meet Your WiX Web Designer


Consider me


Designing a website goes beyond choosing the right platform. I am here to understand your business, vision & goals so I can create the perfect online image for your brand.


I am your partner - and I want you to succeed. 

I can be


I love to challenge myself – especially with technology & finding tools to optimize websites and scale the designs I create.


As one of the first people to use Hotjar (an analytics tool) for my clients, I am here to find the perfect solutions & integrations for your website. 

I am


The all-in-one-creative to design & build your website. My strategy for time & cost efficiency is creating & building the mockups directly on WiX.


You will see how your website will look and act: no surprises. You will have a relevant overview, and I will have your prompt feedback. 

Hi, I am


The creator & creative behind The Wonderful WiX Website Design. Your knowledgeable website designer with an out-of-the-box approach. 


I like to keep it down to the point and time efficient, so here is all you need to know about working with me and what you should expect: 


I am the creative with execution skills - journalism & marketing background. My estimations are always accurate: your budget & timeline will not be shifted or exceeded. I am efficient, reliable, thorough, and intuitive - a perfectionist with stellar ideas.  


Transparent dialogue and many questions related to your project, needs & expectations.


Let me know what you need.

I can help you bring your vision to life.

Google Digital Garage Certification the WWW design
Uxcel Certifications the WWW design
Hubspot Certifications - Growth Driven Design, Inbound Marketing, Social Media the WWW design
WiX Icon Partner Badge the WWW design
WiX Accessibility Certification Badge the WWW design
  • Do you host the websites you design?
    I do not host websites: WiX hosts your website; you have total control over it from your account.
  • Do you provide the domain?
    I can help you with your domain and connecting it on WiX. You can purchase your own domain and domain hosting via a domain registrar - like GoDaddy or you can purchase it directly thru WiX.
  • Is WiX secure? Does it provide an SSL certificate?
    Yes it is and yes it does. The SSL certificate is included for any paid WiX hosting plan. It takes up to 48 hours to propagate after your website is live. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) makes the difference between insecure connection and encrypted connection. Your WiX website is SSL certified. Always.
  • How will you access my WiX account? Do I need to share the credentials?
    No: never share you WiX account credentials. You can invite me via email to become a website contributor. There are many options to choose from depending on your needs with different access to the sensitive info. GENERAL ROLES Admin (Co-Owner) Has full access to manage, edit & publish site, including billing, domains and inviting people, but cannot delete or transfer site. Website Manager Has access to manage, edit & publish site, but cannot manage billing, delete, duplicate or transfer site. Website Designer Can edit the site, manage settings and apps but cannot access Inbox, contacts and other sensitive info. Back Office Manager Can access the Dashboard to manage site settings and apps but cannot edit the site CONTENT MANAGER ROLES Content Collection Manager Can add and modify content for all collections, but cannot edit other areas of your site. BILLING ROLES Billing Manager Can make purchases, manage subscriptions, add payment methods and connect a domain to the site. Domain Manager Can connect and manage domains but cannot make purchases. MARKETING AND CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT ROLES Marketing Manager Can manage all marketing tools, contacts, automation, and view site analytics. Customer Relations Manager Can manage contacts, forms, tasks, workflows, automations, and communicate in inbox, but cannot export contacts. BLOG ROLES Blog Editor Can fully manage the blog but not other areas of your site. Blog Writer Can write and publish posts. Cannot create or manage categories. Guest Writer Can write posts but cannot publish them. Posts must be approved and published by a Blog Editor or site owner. PAYMENT ROLES Payments Manager Can view and manage customer payments, but cannot purchase domains or subscriptions. You can also create a new role and customize it as per your needs.
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