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Cristina Danescu  the WWW design

Meet Your WiX Web Designer


Consider me


Designing a website goes beyond choosing the right platform. I am here to understand your business, vision & goals so I can create the perfect online image for your brand.


I am your partner - and I want you to succeed. 

I can be


I love to challenge myself – especially with technology & finding tools to optimize websites and scale the designs I create.


As one of the first people to use Hotjar (an analytics tool) for my clients, I am here to find the perfect solutions & integrations for your website. 

I am


The all-in-one-creative to design & build your website. My strategy for time & cost efficiency is creating & building the mockups directly on WiX.


You will see how your website will look and act: no surprises. You will have a relevant overview, and I will have your prompt feedback. 

Hi, I am


The creator & creative behind The Wonderful WiX Website Design. Your knowledgeable website designer with an out-of-the-box approach. 


I like to keep it down to the point and time efficient, so here is all you need to know about working with me and what you should expect: 


I am the creative with execution skills - journalism & marketing background. My estimations are always accurate: your budget & timeline will not be shifted or exceeded. I am efficient, reliable, thorough, and intuitive - a perfectionist with stellar ideas.  


Transparent dialogue and many questions related to your project, needs & expectations.


Let me know what you need.

I can help you bring your vision to life.

Google Digital Garage Certification the WWW design
Uxcel Certifications the WWW design
Hubspot Certifications - Growth Driven Design, Inbound Marketing, Social Media the WWW design
WiX Icon Partner Badge the WWW design
WiX Accessibility Certification Badge the WWW design
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